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Selling investment property requires a targeted marketing effort, but also takes a particular understanding and skillset. At CastleArch we have the knowledge, experience and resources to expose properties to a full range of potential buyers. We utilize all mediums and make full use of social media channels to gain maximum market exposure. Our goal is to procure the best deal for our clients by creating the most efficient and competitive process the market will allow. We are able to guide buyers and sellers through the intricate maze of the acquisition and/or disposition process. We do this more effectively because we have the unique ability to truly understand investors on both sides of the transaction. Why? Because we are investors, and have been on both sides of the transaction many times.

We have the depth of knowledge and experience as investors and the negotiation and advisory skills of veteran brokers to deal with the inevitable hurdles that arise in a transaction and provide creative solutions to get over them.

Simply put, being investors makes us better brokers.

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